Coming Together For Food & Friendship Means Comfort, Health and Well Being.

Senior Center Lunches

Food and Friendship Close to Home

SeniorServ delivers a nutritious lunch to 23 senior centers in 19 cities throughout central and north Orange County. Neighborhood places where more than 1,200 active older adults come to eat out, socialize around a nutritious meal served by volunteers and staff, meet people with shared interests, and join in other activities the center and the community offers.

Senior Center lunch is open to anyone 60 or older. Every donation we receive helps SeniorServ deliver meals to Orange County senior centers. Suggested donation for lunch $3.00, but everyone is welcome, even if a donation is not possible. Guests under 60 can enjoy lunch for a fee of $5.00.

Senior Lunch Menus

Lunch Nourishes Health and Happiness

say it they would otherwise be at home
say they have more friends.
say their physical health has improved.

Poor nutrition is especially prevalent among older adults who live alone or are on limited incomes in Orange County. Our Senior Center Lunch program is vital to these vulnerable seniors in defeating poor nutrition and its dire health impacts. Meals are planned and certified by a dietician to meet one-third of the daily nutritional needs, based on FDA guidelines.

Lunch Serves The Whole Person

This SeniorServ nutrition program not only enhances the physical and mental well-being of our older population, but serves essential human needs by:

  • Nourishing a sense of dignity
  • Encouraging participation in stimulating activities
  • Inviting them into meaningful volunteer opportunities
  • Supplementing the financial resources of low-income older adults through our donation-based meals.
  • Connecting them to other services and activities available in the community
  • Alleviating loneliness, depression and anxiety
Mickie and Louise

Lunch Sparks A Lasting Friendship: Mickie and Louise

Mickie and Louise were the first ones through the door when the Yorba Linda lunch program began 22 years ago and they have been friends ever since. It’s the the lunch program that gives them the chance to indulge in new interests together.

“I’ve been sitting at the same table, in the same chair for 22 years,” says Mickie 87. “I was very shy at first…an introvert. I didn’t talk to anyone. Because of the lunch program, I’ve come out of my shell and met many nice friends. I tell people ‘keep coming, don’t stop’!”

Louise, who lives alone, looks forward to lunch at the senior center with Mickie and her other friends. “No one wants to eat alone or sit home alone,” she said. “Going to lunch is an outing to socialize.”

While Mickie and Louise come to the lunch program to enjoy a nutritious meal and friendship, they also relish the entertainment provided once a month. “I dance up a storm,” Mickie says. “I never danced before coming to the senior center.” Louise added, “The secret to longevity is to stay moving all the time and never quit.”

Mickie lives with her son but says she is never home. “I don’t want to be stuck in a house,” she said. “Coming to the lunch program helps psychologically; it makes happier people. Your mind is more active.”