Stepping Forward with Friendship and Service

SeniorServ Friendly Visitor Program

A Friendly Visitor is a volunteer companion for an older adult who is homebound and unable to reach out to the community.

  • Are you an older adult who would like to have a weekly visitor with whom you can spend time and talk with?
  • Do you need a little extra help around the house or fixing meals; or someone to run errands when you are sick or unable to?
  • Is there paperwork, doctor appointments, or important phone calls that you need assistance with?

Friendly Visitors is your helping hand! Every SeniorServ visitor is a screened volunteer who comes to your home for a visit once a week, helping you to take care of needs, stay safe, and live happy in your home. The program is at no cost.

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*Requires a California driver’s license and an interview with a SeniorServ volunteer manager.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors: A Circle of Care

A Care Circle is a small group of church or community friendly visitor volunteers who circle around a senior assisting them to maintain independence, safety and social connections. A Care Circle dispels the loneliness and isolation that comes with being homebound. Volunteers visit with an older adult in their home and help with small, every day living tasks.

The goal of Care Circles is to make sure every senior in our community has the physical and emotional support they deserve and to help them live with the independence they crave.

Typical Care Circle activities include:

  • companionship (Friendly Visitor)
  • errands
  • respite care
  • pet care
  • meal preparation
  • doctor appointment assistance
  • community services information or resources
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How A Care Circle Works

Your church or community group partners with SeniorServ as a Care Circle Provider. SeniorServ provides you the contact information of the seniors in your neighborhood who are in need of a Friendly Visitor. You recruit a group of volunteers who will circle around the senior and their caregivers to help them meet their individual needs. You can match a senior with one of your group members, or the group members take turns visiting neighborhood seniors.

The services that each Care Circle offers a senior and their caregiver varies, chosen by volunteers and based on what the individual or what their caregiver needs help with.

SeniorServ assists each volunteer Care Circle Provider with:

  • Volunteer screening and training
  • Recruiting a team of service volunteers
  • Maintaining coordination and communication among the Care Circle members
  • Participating in meetings with other Care Circle Providers to share resources and lessons learned
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To Start a Care Circle

Tell us about a senior in need, volunteer to be a Friendly Visitor, join us as a Care Circle partner, or to get involved please contact: Volunteer Services
(714) 229-3349

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The Model of Care is Community Action

Every older adult fervently wants to live independently with dignity and wholeness in the home and community they love. But many older adults in Orange County are without any support system. Many are without the financial resources to attain the help they need.

Volunteers fill needs for simple, yet critical assistance that allows our seniors to live in physical and emotional wellness within their home, especially when there is limited to no family or social services available.

Community and volunteer action is vital in reaching our seniors and making sure their health and quality of life is nurtured and sustained.

Not only do social connections ensure older adults are able to take advantage of existing health and social services, but they help seniors stay healthier, reducing healthcare costs.

SeniorServ exists to nourish the wellness, purpose, and dignity of our community’s senior and their families. Our Care Circles Network is organized around the concept that “it takes a village.” Each care circle provides a “mini village” of people who pitch in to meet the unique needs of each individual in the program.

Care Circles is the model of a community that cares.

Adult Day Services

Annette and Sonia: Camaraderie and Checkers

Annette lives alone. She needed more than her Meals on Wheels deliveries to keep loneliness away. SeniorServ found a Friendly Visitor match for Annette in volunteer, Sonia, whose own grandmother had passed away. The two get together every week to drink tea, watch movies and old episodes of Matlock (a favorite of Annette’s), and to play checkers. Annette beats Sonia at almost every game.

“I look forward to Sonia coming, It is very good to have company” says Annette. “Sonia is easy to talk to and a very pleasant person.” Annette keeps her mind sharp by doing word searches and playing Scrabble.

“Annette is a great role model. “This feels like an ‘adopt a grandma program’ to me. I love Annette’s wisdom,” says Sonia. She cherishes having an older adult in her life and likes that she can plan visits to Annette’s home around her weekly schedule. Sonia helps Annette stay physically active by walking with her around the neighborhood, something Annette was unable to do alone.