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SeniorServ Voluteer Spotlight Wanda

Volunteer Enjoys Sharing Socialization Skills at Adult Day Care

Ten years ago when Wanda was searching for a meaningful way to spend her volunteer hours, a staff member at the Buena Park Senior Center referred her to the Buena Park Adult Day Care (ADC), located in the same building. Once Wanda was introduced to the program, she knew it was right for her.

Since that day, Wanda has committed an average of 5 hours daily supporting participants of the Adult Day Care program.  Since  most participants in the program are memory impaired, they tend to withdraw socially. This is where volunteers like Wanda can make a big difference.

Wanda reads current events to participants, helps serve lunch and snacks, and assists with activities. She also interacts by helping participants with puzzles, playing dominoes and taking walks. “It’s all about socialization,” explains Wanda. “I look forward to seeing the participants each day and enjoy talking to them even when they repeat the same stories. They are real sweet people. When you do the least little thing, they are grateful.”

Due to a fall last year, Wanda was unable to volunteer at the ADC for several months. “I hated not being there. It’s what I get up for every day,” says Wanda. Wanda made up for lost time, however and still clocked over 600 hours by the end of the year.

Wanda enjoys working with Program Director Pat Stewart. “Pat cares so much about these people, and is so patient,” Wanda comments. “I’ve learned to be more patient myself,” Wanda adds. “You treat people the way you want to be treated because someday you may be in the same situation.”