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Volunteer Spotlight

SeniorServ Voluteer Spotlight Betsy Reyes

Teamwork Brings it Home

Betsy has been delivering SeniorServ Meals on Wheels in Brea for over 10 years and is an essential component of what she calls a “finely oiled machine.”

“We’re a great team and I love everyone there,” says Betsy. I’m like their cheerleader. We all pitch in together and do whatever needs to be done.”

In addition to delivering her regular route, Betsy assists wherever needed to fulfill program needs. She packs coolers, fills in for other drivers, trains new volunteers, and assists with special events such as hosting the Mayor Delivery Ride Along.

Meals on Wheels Coordinator, Lani Gormsen feels that Betsy is a leader amongst the team. “Her reliability, dedication, compassion, and willingness to help are truly what makes the Meals on Wheels Program and volunteers come together as a team,” says Lani.

Betsy says she is the “eyes and ears” of the program and is always on the lookout for any changes or concerns that need to be reported back to the case managers. Sometimes there is something simple that Betsy can help with herself, like the time when a client dropped her cell phone behind the bed and couldn’t reach it. “That phone was her lifeline and I knew she needed it, so I pulled the bed out and retrieved the phone for her,” recalls Betsy.

Betsy delivers the same route each Wednesday and takes time to visit with each client. “I enjoy hearing about my friends’ days. They are such sweethearts and have rich, rich stories to share.”

Lani says about Betsy, “The time she gives to ensure our homebound older adults have access to nutrition, the rapport she has built with clientele, the observations she makes to ensure that each meal recipient is doing well and her follow-up reports when she has concerns, are just some of the examples of what makes Betsy vital to our program.”

Our gratitude for Betsy is endless as we recognize her continued, long- term support to the Meals on Wheels program and Brea’s homebound older adults.